She searched for five years to find the mother of her adopted children, all to ask a question

This is the story of Katie Page, a woman who went through hell and back before she turned 30. It all started with her divorce in her early thirties, an experience that left her very much alone in the world.

The end of a life together

Katie Page was born and raised in Alabama, and in her early thirties, she faced an understandably difficult challenge as her marriage was coming to an end. The heartbreaking milestone left her feeling undeniably lost in her life, as her dreams of having a family were no longer a possibility for the foreseeable future.

Katie was looking for something fulfilling and knew it was time to make a drastic change. This desire led her to move to a completely new area even though everything she knew was in Alabama.


The beginning of a new story

Jackie felt she needed to let go of the past and focus on a new chapter in her life, which led her to move to a new area even though everything she knew was in Alabama. In 2015, she decided that soul searching would help her find the right path, and made exceptional changes in her life. He was fortunate to find an excellent job as an integrated services manager for GE Johnson, which seemed to solve many of the concerns he had with relocating to Denver, Colorado.

With a new home and a great new job, Katie felt she had made the best decision to start over. The spacious 4-bedroom home she purchased may have needed some work, although she planned to take on the projects herself.