12 Fun Ways to Maintain a Healthy Brain

While scientists have yet to determine how to fully prevent Alzheimer’s disease, they have done some research that demonstrates that keeping our brains active throughout our lives can delay symptoms. Some research has even shown a delay in symptoms of up to five years. If you could delay Alzheimer’s and have those extra years to enjoy your family and friends, wouldn’t you want that?

So, get ready to stretch your mind and try the following 12 activities, starting with physical exercise.

Physical Exercise

Several studies have shown the cognitive benefits of physical exercise, and a healthy body is frequently linked with a healthy mind.

While some studies have concluded that certain types of exercise are the most helpful, others have found that almost any physical activity is good for your brain.

Stretch out before beginning your routine, and make sure your healthcare provider has approved your exercise regimen, whether it consists of a walk three times a week, an online exercise group, dance lessons, Wii Fit, or a class at your local Y.

Learn Another Language

Research has demonstrated a significant delay in Alzheimer’s symptoms in individuals who are bilingual. It’s not yet understood how or why this occurs.

One possible explanation is that somehow the brains of bilinguals are able to compensate for the deficits caused by Alzheimer’s, causing these individuals to function as if their brains had less damage than they actually do.

Although some of the research tested those who spoke another language most or all of their lives, it’s never too late to learn a new language. You can take a community education class, go to your local library or find resources online for new language learners.