Best Quezon Province Tourist Spots Islands, Churches, Farms


1. Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort
Complete your Quezon Province tour by visiting Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort. Many Filipinos from across the country have heard about Villa Escudero as it is one of the oldest resorts in the country. It has been featured many times in local travel magazines, TV shows, and websites.

Villa Escudero started as a sugarcane and coconut plantation in Tiaong Quezon. In the 1980s, the owners transformed part of this property ] into a resort. Over the decades, Villa Escudero has become a go-to spot for tourists who would like to understand and experience Filipino culture and heritage.

The resort offers accommodation set in green and serene plantation scenery. It also houses a museum, which showcases one of the largest private antique collections in the country. The museum is an excellent place to learn and appreciate Philippine history.

Another highlight of your visit to Villa Escudero is the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant. This restaurant lies at the bottom of the Labasin Waterfalls, the property’s stunning centerpiece. Dining here means trying out traditional Filipino dishes while dipping your feet in shallow water.

Villa Escudero celebrates Filipino heritage by regularly organizing the Philippine Experience Show. This show features various dances originating from the different regions in the country. Some of these dance styles are almost rare to see. Other recreational activities available at the resort grounds include fishing, bird watching, rafting, biking, and swimming.

Like other Quezon Province resorts, Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is accessible from the National Capital Region. It is situated in Tiaong Municipality, about 105 kilometers south of Metro Manila.



2. Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine
Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine (also called Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church) is one of Quezon’s most prominent religious sites. The church and its surrounding structures cover 5 hectares of land.

Local communities regard Kamay ni Hesus as a sacred and spiritual site. For many, it has become a pilgrimage site that welcomes devotees who wish to pray for healing or repent for their sins.

Even if you are not a Catholic, you may still find the shrine compound a fascinating place to visit. Aside from the church, the spacious grounds of the property are lush, peaceful, and relaxing.

You may walk around the compound and appreciate the beauty of nature. However, you can also do the 300-step climb to visit the famous giant statue of Jesus Christ standing on top of a hill. The view of Lucban Quezon on the top is also worth the climb.

Kamay Ni Hesus manages a gift shop and a simple children’s playground, called Garden of Eden. Parking spaces for those who are driving are also available.

Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine is located in Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban, about 119 kilometers south of Metro Manila. Its access point is along the Lucban – Tayabas Road.