The world’s shortest celebrities

Being a short woman doesn’t mean giving up anything! The world’s shortest celebrities who barely reach the 1960 meter have found no impediment to success. Many of the celebrities we know seem taller than they really are. This is often due to the heels they wear at the time, because of their style when it comes to dressing, even affecting our perception of their height, some of the hairstyles that make them look amazing. Next we will see 10 of the world’s shortest celebrities.

Some of you are going to be surprised!

1. Shakira, much shorter than you think

The first of the world’s shortest celebrities is one of the most international and longest-growing stars of all. Shakira, his height of 1.57 m has not prevented him from reaching the top in his musical career. She is currently married to Gerard Piqué, a Barcelona player with which in addition to having a considerable height difference, she also maintains a 10-year age difference with him. This makes them one of the most age-differentiated famous couples.